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Aqua Epoxy 5L (Nippon)

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Nippon Paint Aqua Epoxy Primer is a two-pack waterborne modified amine cured epoxy finish for use on concrete surfaces as well as glaze tile. Any water based topcoat can be applied on top of Aqua Epoxy Primer.

Nippon Paint Aqua Epoxy is a two component high performance water-based polyamide amine adduct cured epoxy coating specifically designed for protection of the internal masonry surfaces such as cement or concrete floor, cement or concrete wall, as well as glaze tile with appropriate primer. It is recommended for internal uses and non-immersion services.

Nippon Paint Aqua Epoxy is abrasion resistant and provides a tough finishing. Being water-based and environmental friendly, the coating during application and curing provides a low odour environment and therefore is ideal for factories, canteen, electronics industries, pharmaceutical and hospital walls and floors, offices and institutions where strong solvent odour is undesirable and foot traffic is rampant.

Nippon Paint Aqua Epoxy is available in Base 1, Base 2, Base 3, Base 4, White, Black, Yellow, Orange, Golden Yellow, Signal Red.

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