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Surgical Mask with Visor and Ear Loop, Green - 25Pcs/Box (Dach 2112G)

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Surgical Mask with Visor and Ear Loop, Blue (Dach 2112G)

The DACH Surgical Mask Visor series is part of the basic equipment of every medical facility. Masks from this series meet the highest performance requirements (Type II R) for liquid-resistant masks and may be used during all surgical procedures for the protection of the patient against infectious germs and for the protection of the applicant from splashes - possibly contaminated liquids.

The DACH Surgical Mask Visor is developed for liquid-intense working environments. It is equipped with an additional liquid barrier (4-layered design) - which prevents the penetration of blood and other potentially infectious body fluids. In addition to professional protection for the medical staff, this mask offers excellent protection from high amounts of fluids.

Surgical mask equipped with non-reflecting, anti-fog eye shield provides maximum safety and protection against fluids. Latex-free elastic straps ensure fast and simple attaching and removing of the mask. A stable nose clip tightly seals the area around the nose. The high filter performance and innovative liquid barrier provide reliable protection against contaminated splashes.

Suitable for fluid-intensive operations.

Face Mask Expanse: 18 x 9.5/19CM

Nose Piece: 13CM

Elastic Strap: 2 x 18CM

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