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- FUJIDA HT-CB2 is a clay-based grease in which the thickener is a bentonite clay, formulated for applications in which operating temperatures are above the limits for orthodox soap base greases.

-  It is made from refined oil thickened with clay and anti-rust and anti-oxidation additives.

- Feature & Benefit:

? Long performance

? Excellent thermal stability

? High resistance to oxidation

? High resistance to water and rust Application:

? Suitable for lubricating ovenchains,kiln-car wheel bearings,and all slides, guides and plain bearings where high temperatures are encountered.

? Suitable for usage in steel, cement, brick, pottery and chemical industries whereby working temperatures are up to 200oC.

? Can maintain high lubricating property even in presence of moisture.


SKU: CMP05016-104479

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