- This solution is suitable for glazed homogeneous tiles (for non-glazed homogeneous tiles please use "Ceramic Tile #1 Anti-Slip Solution").

- Homogeneous Tiles are tiles that possess uniform colouring throughout the tile, inside out, because the dye is mixed into the tile itself as opposed to having been glazed onto the surface like normal tiles.

- A close look at the surface of a homogeneous tile will reveal a myriad of tiny dots, with colours other than that of the tali's overall colour, spread all over the tile. Homogeneous Tiles are different from Polished Homogeneous Tiles or Ceramic Tiles.

- Please do not misuse.

- This solution cannot be used on normal ceramic tiles.

- This solution will form countless anti-slip holes on the tile surface, each just microns in size, creating an excellent anti-slip effect.

- Long lasting anti-slip performance is secured because these anti-slip holes are permanent and do not dissipate.

- The solution itself is a clear, water-based liquid, and will not leave residues or change tile appearance after application.

- Application is fast, easy, and achieves cleaning, disinfection and anti-slippage in one easy step.


SKU: CSP04061