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- Delta PU 1 is a single-shot semi-flexible hydrophobic polyurethane grout comprises of an MDI based resin and amine based catalyst.


- Low viscosity, easy crack penetration

- Solvent - free

- High foam volume even with low catalyst use

- Variable foaming rates

- Semi-flexible, accommodates small movements

Use for:

- Sealing of cracks and associated water leakage in walls, ceilings and floors. 

- Suitable for both slow and fast leaks by adjusting catalyst level.

- Void filling and grouting." Mix Delta PU 1 Catalyst into Delta PU 1 Resin.

- Recommended amount is 1% to 5%, typical 1% to 2% based on the amount of resin (200g to 400g of catalyst for a 20kg resin).

- Use higher levels of catalyst in case of fast water ingression.

Delta PU 1